Something Beautiful about Sunrise!



Taking the time to see the real beauty is vanishing from our busy life days. Nature is always there for us, it is open up to show us the beauty, but how often do we stop from our busy life and try to connect with the nature in which we live. ‘Seeing’ and ‘Cherishing’ the gifts of nature in each new day brings happiness to our lives and make us connect with the beauty of the world.

All Sunrise is so beautiful for me. I always want to go to a beach and wait for the sun to peep out of the darkness. I know that which appears dark or quiet that holds the greatest mystery. And this sunrise will do this for me. The stillness of the sunrise reveals a whole different world for me. I will always love that moment of sunrise and will cherish it.

There is a different and beautiful feeling sitting at sunrise in the fresh air, a slight wind playing here and there, the feel of calmness around, and the birds calling softly across the ends.

I want to stand silently across the shore and want to explore the beauty of a sunrise. To explore the moments of the rise of the sun by myself. I want to know what stories the sunrise hold their own by taking time to look at them closely.



The conversations about each other’s career, their studies, their likes and dislikes, their imaginations, their fantasy about stars, moon, and all the things they have in common and everything. She remembers the conversation she had late at nights till morning that also very rare. She will never ever forget that. She remembers sitting across the boy she really likes, looking into his eyes, caught up in conversation, discussing things and just feeling amazed.

She had known him for more than 3 years. He is a very good friend of her. She has never felt like this before and that also from last 2 years. Maybe she is having a crush on him. Everyone has a crush on someone or the other. And the only question she asks herself is, How can he not feel what she is feeling? She feels the fascination of the indisputable connection pulling her towards him whether they talk regularly or on duration’s, whether they meet once in a month or once in a year. But she knows he didn’t feel the same and she is aware with the fact that she has a hopeless crush on someone she has no chance with. Every time whenever they planned to meet up whether it is a movie, cafe, pizza treat or about just a walk. After the meeting, she goes home and for almost 3 to 4 days only he is in her head with all the memories they made and she just smiles like an idiot thinking of him. She did not know anything except the fact that she was falling heavily and continuously with all the feelings she had for him.  


Confessing about how much you like someone is brave work, but not everyone is brave and sometimes not confessing for the sake of their happiness is the bravest thing to do. It is said that time heals everything and it will.

You will think why can’t you just give up, move on and stop liking them because they don’t like you back, well then, this is not possible because that unreasonable smile come to your face only when you think about the person you really like and that is not possible with any other person ever.

Some stories are best like this itself!

The best part of this type of crush story is that no one will have the right to take it away from you, you will always fall for that person whenever you feel his presence even in your thinking also you can feel it. Fear is the main thing why you can’t confess to the people you like, so just go with the flow.

Align with Love & Prosper in an Imperfect Life!!



What is love is one of the most often asked questions and one that many people have hundreds of answers to it? Basically, Love is not a feeling. Love is a decision that we make.

Love is want. Love is choice. Love is the need. Love is impossibly imperfect. Love is compromise, sacrifice, tolerance and a whole bunch of many other scary words. Love is fierce as well as beautiful.

A complex set of emotions, behaviour, beliefs, care, affection, respect and like for another person is also love.

Love requires time and true commitment, it is not a feeling you feel but it is a decision you make.


I have heard many people talking about their hard, bad or worst days of life. Life is tough and difficult for everyone, everyone has bad days. Everyone has troubles in their life. No matter how rich you are; worry, troubles, sickness and love, these things will mess up with you at every stage of your life.

Everyone goes through hard days in their life. It’s the reality we all have to deal with and it’s a part of being alive. Hard days aren’t only about money or drought. Hard days are about losing hope and spirit and the dreams that break off. There are many days in our lives when we forget our own values as a human being because we are so staggered by the thoughts of emptiness, loneliness, unhappiness and disappointment. Somewhere deep in the heart, we become aloof with all our life’s dissatisfaction and frustrations. There is neither happiness nor unhappiness in this world. If something really exists, that is merely the comparison of one situation to the other.

Some days are just bad days. No matter what, we have to face it. We can’t change it. Remind yourself that not every day is going to be a good day. You have to experience sadness and disappointment to know what real happiness is. Life shows us the awful faces of situations to suffer because we can’t forget them. The sooner you say ‘Yes, there’s nothing I can do about it, it happened’, the sooner you can move on with your life. We can’t do anything over the situations, what we can just do is to get over, somehow. Even the worst phase of life. Only a person who has felt ultimate despair is capable of feeling ultimate happiness.

There is nothing like a beautiful day in the life, it is just the thing about finding beautiful moments in a day. I believe that in every day, in everything, no matter how ugly or dark, there are shades of the beauty of happiness if you look for them. Life itself isn’t about sadness and darkness, Life is also filled with beautiful colors of joy. There is always a light which can only be seen through our heart in these paths of darkness. That light may be hiding behind the circumstances that we ignore during our bad days; a family who was always there, but you were so busy with your sad phase; it might be your close friend; your loved ones; or just a stranger with whom you met at an unexpected place. Open your heart and you will see how blessed you are to have them all in your life. Sometimes the light of hopes is around us and we are unable to see them and just keep ignoring them. Remember the lights that shine your path in your dark phases of life are the real hopes.

Keep calm when a day of your life doesn’t go according to you and remember the beautiful days always meet friction. Maybe it’s not about having a beautiful day, but about finding beautiful moments of hope to live and love life!!


A boy who wants to see the world, his dream is to walk around the world and he promised himself he would travel the world no matter what. His favourite thing to do is to go where he has never been, to explore, to see, to visit new places. For him travelling is worth any cost or sacrifice. Travel is his greatest inspiration in life. He is none other than my wanderlust lover, friend!

Plan’s of him – make voyages and attempt them. No matter what! Because to travel is to live is the best quote that suits him. Travelling made him modest I can say this being his friend. For him, there is no end to the adventures he can have if only he seeks them with his open eyes. His destination is never a place or a single exact place, but a different and new way of seeing beauty in exploring places.

I see in his eyes, something different – a burning desire for adventure, to move in the flowing waters of the rivers and seas, any place that carries the beauty of nature, away from the hustles and bustles of the city and anywhere he finds peace. His eyes speak quietly how he wanted to go, to move about, free like a bird, not towards something but towards somewhere.

Travelling did a great deal to him. He found that when he travels and just sit in the corner, a million ideas come to him. Ideas about cool beaches, forests, and the beauty of sky, moon, and stars and the peace around that bring adventure to him. He loves taking pictures but for the reason just to find the most breathtaking sunrise, sunset, landscape, waterfall or anything else that he had ever seen. He hunts for beauty and peace.

Travelling has not been something that he does, but travelling has something that has become a part of him. He has this passion to travel. He hasn’t been all over the world yet, but he had his many travel moments to share and definitely will travel whole world day by day. He just has this desire to just pack up his bags and go somewhere.

This is him with the urge of travelling. He just wants to Travel, Travel Travel !!!